Taicang Batteries / Disposables Pen

We can provide OEM/ODM for different batteries /disposables, we carry a wide variety of batteries/disposables, and we require Level A cells in all of our batteries. We’ve got a lot more models than shown on our catalog/website, feel free to contact us for more options. We also have an industrial designer on-site if you are keen on doing your own model.



TCB-001 Battery

350mAh, 3 Volt Adjustment, Preheat, USB Cord


TCB-002 Battery

900/1100mAh, 3 Volt Adjustment, Button Preheat, 510 Charging Head



TCB-003 Battery

350/900 mAh, 3 Volt Adjustment, Bottom Preheat, 510 Charging Head



TCD-002 Disposable

1.0ml, 280 mAh, 4*1.6 inlet hole



TCD-009 Disposable

1.0ml, 280 mAh, 4*1.6 inlet hole